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  1. hazza-tommo-stylinson answered: dating harry styles and high school crush <3
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    Prince of the Seven Seas by oxeh! She actually started a sequel called Blinded Horizons. xx
  4. ijustgotowisharder answered: Turning From Praise by curly-and-boobear-stylinson (tumblr) is a wip and is so so great
  5. plaidharryx answered: Room 317 or Changing my direction or And the reason is you! They are g o l d
  6. 212-club answered: angels to fly
  7. beautiful-darkness23 answered: Eyes Open by LarryStylinson4life on wattpad.
  8. l-ethargia answered: room 317 and the larry version of dark .xx
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  10. thewizardofgays answered: Disney Magic by sometimesitshardtograsp
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